“Paula has been incredibly caring, compassionate and gentle with “E”.  We feel incredibly lucky to have found Paula. Her care towards “E” and support towards us as parents, has been exceptional.”
Mrs T, St Albans, Herts
Baby “E” aged 4 days

“Paula was absolutely wonderful.  Relaxed but yet available with advice when requested.  She was helpful, easy going and an absolute pleasure to have around.  I have already recommended her very highly to several friends.”
Ms R, London, SW7
Baby “E” aged 12 days

“Paula came to us with experience of looking after twins but quickly adapted to dealing with three. She has an amazingly calming effect on the babies and patiently works out what they need to help soothe and settle them. If you have one, two, three (or more!) babies, we cannot recommend Paula highly enough.  She will leave us a very happy and grateful family.”
Mrs O’D, Harrow on the Hill
Triplet girls aged 12 weeks (due date plus 5 days corrected)

“A big thank you, Paula, for helping us through such a challenging, exhausting, emotional and rewarding time in our new family life.”
Mrs Z, Shenley, Herts
Baby “I” aged 4 days

“Paula is hardworking, trustworthy and reliable and she helped me so much that I don’t know how I would have coped without her.”
Mrs R- Bushey, Herts
twins “B” and “C” aged 2 weeks and “D” aged 3

“What Paula has which sets her apart from many other childcare professionals, is a wonderfully warm and calm personality and most important, a mothers instict.”
Mr and Mrs C- StAlbans, Herts
“A” aged 6, “G” aged 4 and “A” aged 2 weeks

“We have found Paula to be supportive, understanding, professional, easy to get along with and, of course, excellent with babies.”
Mr and Mrs B- St Albans, Herts
“H” aged 6 weeks

“Paula was always polite and courteous and a delight to have working with us. She was kind, loving, calm but firm when needed. To summarise Paula, by far, is the best nanny we have employed and would certainly be an asset to any family she works with.”
Mrs O- St Albans, Herts
“H” aged 3 and “I” aged 1

“Paula is exceptionally professional, caring, calm, supportive and flexible. Her help and advice was invaluable and we don’t know what we would have done without it.”
Mr and Mrs H- StAlbans, Herts
“D” aged 3 and newborn”J”

“Paula was always extremely professional, responsible and confident in her duty as night nanny. She also has a very caring and calming manner which the twins responded to very positively.”
Mrs D – Redbourn, Herts
Twins “P” and “J” aged 1 week

“Paula is extremely capable, mature, experienced and above all, clearly loves babies. She is professional and competent yet at the same time warm and caring in nature, inspiring a strong sense of trust and reassurance.”
Ms T – Harpenden, Herts
Baby “D” aged 4 months

“I felt totally confident in leaving my son with Paula, knowing he was in safe hands. Paula is a lovely, easy going, kind natured person.”
Mrs G – Pinner, Middlesex
Baby”J” aged 5 days

“As well as being professional, experienced and knowledgeable, Paula really cares for your little one.”
Ms S – St Albans, Herts
Baby “Y” aged 5 days

“E” was very comfortable with Paula and she always settled him well and quickly. Paula was full of helpful ideas and strategies to improve “E’s” sleeping.”
Mr & Mrs A – Flamstead, Herts
Baby “E” aged 3weeks

“Paula has a great passion for babies and children, which is evident and we felt it was more than just a job to her. Paula has a genuine interest in working in partnership with us to achieve the results that we wanted from her time with our daughter.”
Mrs S – Oakwood Gate, Essex
Baby “I” aged 4 weeks

“Paula offered my children real emotional stability, and a caring and understanding ear. She was always punctual and willing to continue her care into the evenings if required. Overall Paula is a warm and friendly person who has always put the happiness of the children first.”
Mrs H- Chiswell Green, St Albans

“She is reliable, always on time, kind and caring, and nothing is ever too much trouble for her. From day one I have had the utmost confidence in leaving “F” in her sole charge. Quite honestly, I couldn’t sing her praises highly enough. She is a wonderful nanny and a lovely person.”
Mrs W – Chiswell Green, St Albans

“We feel that both children have benefited from her professional approach and considerable childcare experience.”
Mrs B – St Albans

“Paula was absolutely reliable and trustworthy, and I could go to work without any concerns for the childrens welfare. ”
Mr E – Welwyn Garden City

“Paula combines a professional approach to her work, with a genuine warmth of feeling towards the children in her care. She is unfailingly patient, gentle and calm with both children.”
Mrs D – Shenley

“Paula takes her job and responsibilities seriously and I have no reservations whatsoever leaving her in charge. I know that in her care, the children will be safe and happy. In a crisis, Paula would react promptly, calmly and confidently.”
Mrs P- Harpenden