Sleep Consultation

If you have a newborn, I am happy to help gently guide you and your new baby into a routine to help with their sleep patterns. If your baby is over six months old and eating solid food, I can help with “sleep training”.  Before this age, babies are simply too young.

If you are struggling to get your baby (or toddler) into a good sleep routine and would like some help, advice and support,  you can contact me for a sleep consultation.

Do you know what your goals are?  How achievable are they?



  • A good day routine and a good night routine are needed to help your little one know what’s coming next.
  • Make sure your baby isn’t hungry or too full.
  • Set realistic goals.  Teaching your baby to sleep by themselves is a new skill for them and this takes time.
  • Keep bedtimes calm and consistent.
  • Make sure the room is the right temperature and that the baby is dressed appropriately.
  • If your little one wakes during the night, leave them for a little while to see if they will settle themselves.  You know your baby better than any one else.  You know what a “sleepy” cry is and an “unhappy” cry.
  • Remember that like you, your baby is unique.  Their needs may not be the same as other babies of the same age or stage.
  • Use the advice that fits your ethos and ignore everything else. There is no right or wrong….you get to decide what you think is best for your baby.


Please contact me for prices and availability.